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Donate your Flowers

Flowers from your wedding or event are picked up by the Floral Philanthropy volunteer crew the morning after your function. Floral Philanthropy volunteers disassemble the flower arrangements from your event and repurpose them for delivery to healthcare centres, hospitals, and personal care homes. Then, Floral Philanthropy volunteers deliver these petal pick-me-ups; a bloom for every bedside! A minimum donation of $100 to Winnipeg Harvest is required in order for this to take place.  A tax receipt for this monetary gift will be issued by Winnipeg Harvest.

By partnering with Winnipeg Harvest Floral Philanthropy can offer a two-pronged benefit.  Firstly, your re-purposed flowers can create good feeling for days to come, spreading hope and joy within the community. Secondly, your monetary donation to Winnipeg Harvest can be leveraged 20 times, meaning your tax-receipted gift can make a huge difference. Winnipeg Harvest currently provides food for 63,765 individuals each month in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. Of those who require the use of food banks, more than 41% are children. Manitoba has the 2nd highest rate of children using food banks across Canada. Your pay forward not only lifts spirits; but warms hearts and tummies.

Volunteer for Floral Philanthropy Day

Floral Philanthropy Day promotes kindness through the unexpected gift of a flower. Why you may ask? There is no catch, no fee, no canvassing. The idea is simple, a few hours to watch the city blossom and experience heartfelt joy. Volunteers go to various locales throughout the city, distributing two flowers to each individual - one for them, and one for them to give to someone else. Throughout the day we distribute 10,000 flowers provided by our event sponsor, Petals West.

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